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This is the website of the Port Underwood Association. The association can be contacted at

PO Box 59, Blenheim, 7240.

Our e-mail address is

Committee members

Ken Roush (Chair)

Sara Roush (Secretary & Treasurer)

Wayne Boustridge

John Davison

Bruce Hearn

Martin Loach

David Whyte

David McBryde

Greg Phillips

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  1. I have just stumbled across this site, and through the writing on Hakana Bay. I am the great niece of Cappy and Denise Harris (bloodline to Cappy, whom we called Uncle Ted). I remember the Chant family either building, or perhaps newly-built – I used to wander around there to say hello some days. I stayed with Cappy and Denise at least once a year for a week – as did my two brothers. I remember my dad perhaps taking, or just taking part in a service at the cairn. I was staying there when Norman Kirk died – it rained, and there were slips everywhere.

    Thanks to Joan for the memories.

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