Aquaculture and the MEP

The following has been sent to all members of the Regional Planning and Development Committee (8/10/2016).


Clr Trevor Hook (Chairperson)

Clr Alistair Sowman (Deputy)

Clr Geoff Evans

Clr Peter Jerram

Mayor John Leggett

Clr David Oddie

Clr Terry Sloan


Dear Committee members of the Regional Planning and Development Committee,

Environmental Plan – Acquaculture

The Port Underwood Association was aware of the postponement of the aquaculture portion of the Marlborough Environment Plan until further consultations took place. We have now been made aware that plans are underway to begin those consultations and some groups have been invited to join the consultation group. We feel that group meetings, including affected parties, where all viewpoints and issues can be discussed will lead to better understanding of everyone’s position and achieve a robust and viable outcome.

The Port Underwood Association submits that it should participate directly in that discussion group. The reasons for including the Port Underwood Association are:

  • The Port Underwood Association has the mandate from the Port Underwood community to represent it.
  • There are a large number of marine farms in Port Underwood which creates a large influence on the Port Underwood area.
  • The Port Underwood Association has been actively involved in many marine farm applications since 1995 including consultations, Marlborough District hearings, and Environment Court hearings and therefore has a strong knowledge of the issues.
  • The Port Underwood Association has actively participated, since the inception of the RPS review, in discussions and submissions about aquaculture and other matters leading up to the proposed Marlborough Environment Plan.

In summary, we suggest that it is appropriate for the Port Underwood Association to be directly represented and involved in any group that is set up to review the aquaculture policies and rules for the future of Marlborough. Please advise us of your thoughts and future activity of the discussion group.

Best regards,

John Davison, President

Port Underwood Association