Flagg Bay Fire

Fire is one of the biggest fears that we all share in a rural area. We know it can be a dramatic ordeal for anyone involved. In December 2013 a fire broke out at Flagg Bay. This provided a warning to us all regarding the hazards of fires and reminds us of the outstanding work and commitment of the volunteer fire brigade.

As a follow up to the fire:

  • The Association donated $500.00 to the Marlborough Fire fighters social fund in appreciation of their volunteer efforts.
  • We learned that it is advisable to have receipts, serial numbers and pictures of valuables kept in a fire proof location to help in dealing with insurance company claims. It is advisable to purchase a fire proof safe for these items or to scan all receipts and keep a back up copy off site (perhaps at work).
  • Brian Tapp of Marlborough Lines has advised us that if trees are in power lines they should be cut down or trimmed  by a licenced arborist such as Marlborough Lines.

Remember, communication is the key to no one getting hurt in a fire. Use the Neighbourhood Support phone number list which is supplied each to alert neighbours by phone. If phones are out, yell or honk your horn to attract attention, knock on doors if there is time.

The following links will provide more information about the fire at Flagg Bay:



Marlborough Kaikoura Rural Fire Brigade Operational Review Report: Flagg Bay Fire

The Operational Review report into the Flagg Bay Fire is now available. You can view and download the report off this website: http://www.mkrfa.com/news/55/27/Flagg-Bay-Operations-Review-Report-February-2014/

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