Neighbourhood support

Our Neighbourhood support networking system works well in Port Underwood as we are able to pass on information about suspicious activity and then track undesirables throughout the Port. It also is very helpful in cases of civil defense, tsunamis, and fires. We have divided Port Underwood up into 9 support areas with a coordinator for each one and then I (Sara Roush)am the overall coordinator for the entire Port. If you are not a member and would like to be part of the system, please either notify me or the coordinator of your area. It is very helpful to have your name, phone numbers (especially cell phone) and fire number.

Just as a reminder, it is always advisable to notify your neighbours if someone other than yourselves will be using your batch. Also, if it is an emergency always phone 111. If you have any concerns about happenings in the Port, smell smoke, etc please don’t hesitate to contact me and the coordinator for your area.



Sara & Ken Roush (Ocean Bay)

Deputy – Eric Jorgensen (Ocean Bay)


Kakapo Bay                             John & Narelle Guard

Tom Canes & Coles Bay         Bryon Gleeson

Uriti Bay & Oyster Bay            Sandra Fitzgerald

HakaHaka Bay                         Rose Patchett

Flagg Bay, Whangataura Bay & Ohipi Bay

Graham & Marilyn Carter

Kanae, Tumbledown and Jerdons Bay Tony Flood

Fighting Bay, Hakana Bay and  Trevalli Bay

Heather & Bruce Gardiner  Deputy  Jock Mills


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