This page is to provide links to articles, correspondence and submissions regarding roads. To find out more information, please click the links.

The roads leading to and around the Port are narrow and dangerous. The Council does not believe that this is a problem nor a bar on future development. Consequently, we would request that all members inform the Association of any accidents (including those that are reported to the Police) and near misses. A form is enclosed to make these reports on. Please send them to the Association’s e-mail address. They will then be collated and given to the Council.

Road incident report form

An article from Stuff 22 August 2018 regarding dangerous roads

Locals want action on dangerous road where cars plunge over side

Request for information and letter sent to MDC regarding the roads in Port Underwood.



A NZTA website called “On The Move” provides notifications on road conditions or road crashes immediately. Sections of road can be singled out or you can identify regions for alerts. Alerts can be sent to computers, tablets and smartphones. See:

The Council is proposing rebuilding the bridge in Robin Hood Bay. This will require the use of a ford whilst the bridge is replaced.


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