Marlborough Marine Futures

Marlborough Sounds Integrated Management Trust

This was established in 2012 to support a better future for the Marlborough marine environment. The current trustees are:

Eric Jorgensen (chairman), Raymond Smith, John Hellstrom, Larnce Wichman, Roy Grose.

It is funded by Marlborough District Council and Canterbury Community Trust.

The trust is forming a stakeholder group; Marlborough Marine Futures. Their aim is to get stakeholders together to form a Stakeholder Working Group for the Marlborough marine environment.

Further information can be obtained from their website at:

An initial meeting is being held on 8 March. Further information regarding this meeting and concerning the stakeholder group can be obtained by following these links.

Press statement

Initial correspondence

Newsletter Dec 14

Some links that you may find interesting:

The 2011 Significant marine sites inventory report:

Davidson Environmental monitoring report. It’s called Monitoring results from 2014/15 Queen Charlotte Sound:

And here’s the link to a YouTube video of Rob Davidson presenting it to Council’s Environment Committee on 23 July:


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