Whangatoetoe Bay Mussel Farm Appn Dec 2013

Whangatoetoe Bay mussel farm application decision

An application to create a new mussel farm around the headland on the south side of Wangatoetoe Bay has been approved. In light of the response from PUA members to oppose new mussel farm applications where appropriate, the committee made a submission opposing the application based on the grounds of recreation, public space and amenity values, the cumulative effects, and the wider environmental effects. As the farm is to be situated on top of a significant red algae bed the Association was asked to contribute ideas for a monitoring regime to protect the algae bed should the application be granted.

While we are disappointed that consent was given to the application we are equally concerned that, in our opinion, the designated monitoring program has been skewed in favour of the applicants and does not adequately provide the necessary structure to fully monitor the effects of the farm on the algae bed or the marine habitat throughout the algae bed and in the surrounding environs of the farm.

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