Road Rally November 2014

The Silver Fern Rally took place on 8th November 2014.

The rally seemed successful and enjoyed by those that watched it. The information regarding the rally will be left her for a few more weeks for those that are interested.

Part of this rally goes along the Port Underwood Road. We have not had a huge amount of information in this, but it has been noted that the road has been graded recently and this seems to be a smoother and wider grading than usual. A request has been made to the secretary of the rally for further information. Those with long memories will remember the 2006 rally as the same route/stages are being used.

The really starts in Picton and day one takes it from Picton to Blenheim via the Port Underwood Road. This is on Saturday 8 November 2014. So, the road will be closed; children and animals should be kept in and away from the road.

There are two special stages:

SS1 Oyster Bay (to Ocean Bay)

SS2 Ocean Bay (to The Whites Bay turn off)

Vehicles will be moving at high speeds between the stages.In addition, the rally cars will travel from Picton to Oyster Bay for the first stage and they will be leaving the rally (to go on to other stages) from the Port Underwood Road at the Whites Bay turn off. There will be a significant amount of traffic, the competitors, support crews, marshals and spectators.

It is anticipated that competitors’ vehicles will be leaving Picton at 12:30. The road will, however, be closed prior to this and the road closure process is as follows:

11:10 am The stage control groups arrive on site

12:00 noon Road closure takes effect

12:35 pm Safety car A will start into the stage equipped with flashing beacons, siren and loud hailer.

12:55 pm Safety car B will start the stage equipped with flashing beacons, siren and loud hailer.

1:10 pm The first competitor starts the first stage. Other cars follow at 1 minute intervals.

3:10 pm or as soon as the last car starts the stage, the Sweeper car equipped with sirens and signage (saying Sweeper Car) will advise the road is open. This sweeper car is followed by a clearance vehicle that will remove all signage and equipment.


The stage managers of the rally will close all gates (or place tape across driveways without a gate) prior to the first safety car travelling through the stage, confirming the road is closed.

The tape will be removed by the rally set up crews on completion of the stages.

Do  not enter the road when the road is closed. The road is notified as being closed by the safety car with its flashing lights. In case of emergency and the road has to be used when it is closed, travel in the direction of the rally (that is south towards Whites Bay and Rarangi).

In case of emergency call the rally control on 0800 725593.


If damage is caused to your property, contact Graeme Robertson at rally HQ on 027 492 9271 or Carl Rabbidge 0273 254 720 or

Watching the rally

Not forgetting that you cannot travel on the road when it is closed, always stand in a safe location and follow instructions from any marshals. Do not stand where the racing line will naturally take a car, to be safe be up a bank, behind a tree or behind barriers. Do not sit at the same level as the road, only sit on high ground above the road. Make sure you can respond quickly to danger if a car is out of control.

Whilst it will be enjoyable to watch, it is suggested that you keep clear of the road on that day.

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