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Sherwood Ground Services

General Care of plants. bushes and trees.

We do:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Mulching
  • Weed spraying
  • Brush cutting
  • Any general repairs
  • Mig welding

We are based in Port Underwood and service the Picton and Port Underwood area.

Phone Paul on 021 075 2799 or 03 927 3962

Defibrillators (AED)

If a person’s heart has stopped there is only a short period to enable a recovery and emergency services need to be contacted immediately. CPR will keep blood moving and get air into the lungs. An AED can also help. An AED or difibrillator is a portable device that assesses a person’s heart rhythm. It decides whether a defibrillation shock is needed and will apply it. The AED uses voice or visual prompts to guide a user; anyone can use an AED – you don’t have to be medically qualified, but obviously training helps, as does any basic first aid training. Knowing where a defibrillator is located is a great start. In the Port Underwood area they are located at:

Waikawa Bay launching ramp – External cabinet opposite playground 24/7 access.

633 Port Underwood Rd, Picton – variable access call, 03 573 5599

Hakana Bay – variable access, call 021 318 622

2454 Port Underwood Rd, Ocean Bay – variable access, call 0221 306 508

Rarangi fire station – no public access, call 111

There are over 100 AEDs in Blenheim and 40 in the Picton area. To find an AED, you can find them at it is believed you can download an app as well.

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