Freedom Camping

Freedom Camping is prohibited on the Port Underwood Road, the foreshores of HakaHaka Bay and Tom Canes Bay and infant of occupied dwellings.

Freedom Camping is permitted at the camp sites in Whatamango Bay, Whites Bay, Robin Hood Bay and Rarangi

Breaches of the Freedom Camping rules can be notified to:

  • The Marlborough District Council on 03 520 7400.
  • To DOC between 8am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday on 03 520 3002, or if outside these hours by calling the DOC Hotline on 0800 362 468.
  • If fires are being lit or threatening or abusive behaviour or any other emergency situation then the appropriate service should be called using the 111 system.

The current By Law, maps showing the areas prohibited in Tom Canes and HakaHaka Bays and a DOC notice regarding the foreshore are enclosed below:

FreedomCampingBylaw2012 v 2016

Doc Foreshore Doc

Freedom Camping Prohibited areas

The submission from the Association regarding Freedom Camping made in April 2015 is:

Freedom Camping

This new bylaw is being trialled from 3 November 2015 until 4 April 2016.

Meeting May 2016

A hearing was held by the Council in respect of Freedom Camping. The PUA was represented and made a submission that the whole of the Port Underwood Road and Tumbledown Bay Road should be excluded from Freedom Camping. It was mentioned that there were campsites at Whatamango Bay, Whites Bay, Robin Hood Bay and Rarangi. The hearing was told that the PUA had no problems with these sites and their use by campers and others.

A further submission on Freedom Camping was made in September 2020

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